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A Residential Property Purchase: What Should You Look For?

Buying a residential property is obviously a big decision in your life. A single mistake in the transaction can lead to a substantial loss of money. Whether you invest in a primary residence or a second home, it is important to make the right choice. 

Residential property buyers have several options ranging from apartments to condos. However, you should consider some relevant factors before making a deal.

Check the reputation of builders-

There are several legal rules and regulations in the real estate sector in Columbia. So, before purchasing the property, you should evaluate the developers’ profiles and check their past works. Some reputed developers have their own websites to display their portfolio of earlier projects. You need to know the reliability of constructors to ensure safe investment.

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Never overlook the construction quality

A well-furnished apartment will easily tempt you to invest in it. But, you should check construction quality and inspect different things like-

  • Type of flooring
  • The durability of materials used for walls
  • Window frame design
  • Bathroom fittings

If you are thinking of investing in an underdeveloped property in Columbia, you can check them online. 

Number of units

How many units are included on a single floor? It is another significant aspect, as too many units on a floor will affect the usage of lifts and privacy. You should also know about the total number of units in a project. Some buyers prefer a small society with a couple of flats, while others desire a large community.

Connectivity points

As an investor, you should check the location of the residential house in Columbia. It needs to be close to bus stops, stations, and highways. Of course, everyone desires easy accessibility to transportation facilities.

As you need to go to an office or academic institute every day, you deserve these facilities. If the house is not constructed in a strategic location, it may affect your professional or personal life. That is why you can find a house close to your workspace to save time.

Construction approvals and occupancy certificates

Before buying a residential property, you must verify these documents. The local authority should sanction the building plan. 

There should be approvals for water, electricity, sewage, fire safety, and infrastructure facilities. You may ask the seller to show the NOC copies of various departments.

Another mandatory thing is the occupancy certificate obtained from a particular authority. Without this certificate, the real estate buyer may need to pay the penalty. Besides, there is a risk of property demolition.

Size and interior layout

The size of the residential premise makes a difference to your comfort and privacy. Besides, you should learn about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen space in the apartment also needs your attention.

Age of the residential house

You should learn about the building’s age if the seller resells the house. In some cases, more improvements, repairs, and upgrades are essential to make the house livable. 

These are some vital factors to consider while buying a residential house in Columbia. Start searching for properties online and check every detail.

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