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The South Carolina House Buying Process: What You Should Know

The pandemic period has affected the housing market in South Carolina. A soaring mortgage rate is a new challenge for buyers. It raises the monthly mortgage payment to $1365. 

Investing in South Carolina houses is still possible as many marketers are offering price drops in properties and attractive offers to motivate buyers. A realtor will help you understand the current market of the city and find the best property deals to earn amazing profits. 

Here we have mentioned the top steps below for buying a home in South Carolina that will help you in making the best decisions. 

  1. Save for a down payment:

You have to pay at least 20% of the purchase price of a home at the closing time and the rest will be paid by the lender. So, the down payment is the very first thing that you need to arrange while looking for attractive home-buying deals in the city. 

Some government bank loans allow buyers to purchase a property at 0-3.5% down payment. Both options have some pros and cons. So, choose your down payment option wisely. 

Carolina Home Buyers
  • Deal with a good real estate agent:

Working with a real estate agent will make the home-buying process in South Carolina easier for you. A realtor is not only responsible for providing attractive home-buying deals, but they also help you with understanding the legal contract, getting an easy mortgage, and negotiating the pricing at the closing time. 

So, choose a good real estate agent who works for a good time and has excellent experience and expertise. 


Bobby Tanner ~ CEO

As a South Carolina native, Bobby Tanner is very familiar with the Carolinas and its communities. Having owned several successful businesses in his career he is an Entrepreneur at heart. Bobby is an avid reader and constantly studies to grow his knowledge and grow as a person. He began studying Investment strategies in 2019 and fell in love with Real Estate. Opening Carolinas Homebuyers in 2020 he Sold his other businesses and since then has helped tons of people Buy, Sell and Save their homes. There are many circumstances in which a traditional Homebuyer cannot help a Seller (Little Equity, Condition, Underwater, Probate, etc.), and this is what makes his Company and Carolinas Homebuyers different from all the rest. Bobby is a Go-Giver and a Problem Solver that works persistently to Help everyone no matter the situation. He is a Loving Father and Pillar of his Community.

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage:

The sellers in South Carolina demanded a preapproved mortgage letter before showing the property. It represents that you are a serious buyer and have a certain amount of money to purchase a home. 

This is why you should get pre-approved for a mortgage before visiting the houses in the city. Compare the interest rates and choose your lender quickly to get the best offers on houses. 

  • Choose the best location:

An average price of a house in South Carolina is $299,173. Is it too much for you? Don’t worry; the pricing for the house varies from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood as well. 

You can get housing deals at different prices in different locations. Ensure you are choosing the best location to get a budget-friendly housing deal to keep everything under your budget. 

  • Negotiate the prices:

Negotiating the prices will help you in getting the best deal for South Carolina houses. On average, South Carolina homes stay on the market for 76 days before going through any legal contract. 

The seasons also affect the house-selling process. So, you can make an offer according to the market condition and get a house at the best price with the right to negotiate an offer. 

  • Seal the deal:

Once you find your dream South Carolina house, it is time to seal the deal. Your real estate agent will help you with everything from making an offer to signing the final documents and preparing a deed.  So, close the deal by completing all the legal formalities and enjoy a new property in South Carolina. 

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